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New UN ECE Regulations within the General Safety Regulation 2019/2144

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

New UN ECE Regulations within GSR
New UN ECE Regulations within the GSR 2019/2144

New UN ECE Regulations within GSR

Last week we looked at the new features which the new General Safety Regulation (EU) 2019/2144 will mandate. As well as this, the GSR Regulation introduces a set of UN ECE Regulations which are already published and mandates compliance with them over the next few years.

The subjects relate to components, such as replacement tyres, airbags and wheel as well as new requirements for occupant protection at a vehicle level. Key changes here relate to the crash performance of cars and light vans with new types needing approval to full frontal and side pole impact requirements as early as 6 July 2022; new registrations from 7 July 2024. For manufacturers not already designing for similar safety standards in other markets this is going to demand significant focus.

The table below shows the new UN ECE Regulations which are being introduced, along with categories affected and key dates. As with the new features in the GSR; timescales are tight.

UN ECE Regulations
UN ECE Regulations


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