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Vehicle Type Approval and Compliance

Understanding your obligations when it comes to Type Approval (certification) and compliance of vehicles, or other products, in global markets can be complex and resource intensive.

Castec Consulting can provide a range of services to assist manufacturers of all sizes and experience. For vehicle, system and component Type Approval the application process and essential paperwork can be daunting. We can support you in understanding exactly what is needed and can even prepare manufacturer’s Information Documents on your behalf, ready to be submitted directly to the Type Approval Authority. Services offered include:

  • Planning for certification and developing a test plan,

  • Essential Type Approval paperwork; including manufacturer’s Information Documents,

  • Reviewing product compliance,

  • Vehicle imports,

  • Vehicle registration,

  • Liaising with Regulatory Authorities and Test Service providers.

For the following certification schemes:

  • Vehicle Type Approval Solutions (UK and EU)

    • Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA)

    • National Small Series Type Approval (NSSTA)

    • EC Small Series Type Approval (ECSSTA)

    • EC Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWVTA)

    • Multi Stage Type Approval

  • System and Component Type Approval (UK, EU & UNECE Regulations)

  • Vehicle, System and Component Certification (Worldwide)


‘Bespoke packages of support can be provided to ensure your product is ready for sale.’

Using knowledge of the intricate processes and requirements coupled with a comprehensive network of influential contacts within regulatory authorities and test laboratories we can make your certification journey a success.

Vehicle Type Approval Process

Vehicle Type Approval Process
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