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Vehicle Type Approval Process
Type Approval and Compliance in London UK, Regulation and legislation in London UK, Technical research and analysis in London UK

Vehicle, Transport & Road Safety Research

Making evidence-based decisions is critical for all public authorities and private businesses. Obtaining accurate and reliable evidence that can be analysed and processed to enable a factual summary to be developed can be challenging and time consuming.

‘In a world of rapidly evolving technologies and changing requirements, Castec Consulting can provide focused research activities delivering an accurate and efficient output that can be used to support policy decisions, technical papers and design reviews.’

Technical research and analysis can generate a vast amount of data and information. Whatever your desired output and audience we can navigate this on your behalf to provide clear and succinct outputs in the form of technical reports, presentations or executive summaries. With a focus on vehicle technologies, transport and road safety, services offered include:

  • Data review and analysis,

  • Benchmarking and evidence gathering,

  • Legislation reviews,

  • Policy development,

  • Technical reporting,

  • Expert opinion.

We have played a key role in the delivery of major road safety programmes for government agencies and other inflential bodies. We are effective as the technical lead or as part of a collaboration with project delivery partners.

Specialising in vehicle technologies, transport and road safety, we have the knowledge and transferable skills to offer this support in other industry sectors.

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