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Castec Consulting…working together!

Vehicle, Transport and Road Safety Consultancy

With policy makers, research organisations and private sector businesses seeking solutions to increasingly complex problems, it has never been more important to form effective partnerships and collaborations in response to these challenges. Only with a blend of skills and a range of diverse contributors can the objectives be achieved, and value delivered.

The vision of Castec Consulting is to influence the future of transport policy and vehicle engineering for a clean, sustainable future. To realise this vision, we must be able to form effective partnerships, whether it be supporting large government tenders or smaller bespoke packages of work. Castec Consulting has proven competence in taking the technical lead role as well as providing specialist services to the primary contractor for high profile research and engineering projects. Examples of some of the projects that we have played a key role in can be found on our website.

It is not just in large-scale projects where Castec Consulting can form partnerships to support clients. We also offer more intimate partnerships where our skills and expertise can be integrated into an existing team for example, offering a more flexible and efficient way of working. This has proved successful for customers making use of our type approval, compliance and roadworthiness support, in addition to our legislation expertise.

With our expertise in legislation and vehicle engineering, and a focus on transport and road safety, the services Castec Consulting offer include:

  • Policy analysis and development,

  • Benchmarking and evidence gathering,

  • Data review, analysis and reporting,

  • Legislation assessments and reviews,

  • Technical reporting

All successful partnerships in business are built on the foundations of trust, integrity and professionalism. Whatever form a partnership or collaboration with Castec takes, you can be sure of a service which offers these fundamentals, supplemented by our flexible approach, technical competence and extensive network of contacts.

If you are looking to bid for a large tender as a consortium and require a respected partner to compliment your existing skill set and diversify your offering, or if you are seeking a partner to support your business directly please get in touch.

For further information either visit the website or contact me at


Castec Consulting Limited an independent Type Approval, Certification and Compliance consultancy.

We provide specialist services, predominantly in the automotive sector, for companies in the UK and globally seeking assistance in a range of areas including; Vehicle Technology, Roadworthiness and Safety Research, Type Approval and Compliance, and legislative support.


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