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Castec Consulting…Type Approval & Compliance!

Vehicle Type Approval, Certification and Compliance Consultancy

In this week’s blog we continue to look at the services provided by Castec Consulting, focusing on the support we can provide in terms of type approval (certification) and compliance.

Castec Consulting can assist you with your type approval and compliance requirements for your products. We provide bespoke packages of support to assist manufacturers of all sizes and experience.

The first step towards the type approval or certification of any product, including vehicles and their components, is creating a strategy or plan. You will need to consider which markets you wish to sell in and anticipated volumes. With this information a plan can be developed to ensure the most efficient route to approval is taken, saving cost and time as well as ensuring maximum potential for your product. Based on our knowledge of individual market requirements, helping to define the plan, and even support manufacturers through the process is something that Castec Consulting can do.

This service can extend to assistance with essential application paperwork including worst case rationales, type matrices and manufacturers information packages. Key elements of an approval application are often found to be a burden to manufacturers who prefer to pass these tasks to an expert partner such as Castec Consulting.

The certification process is an assessment of product compliance against the specific requirements and criteria of a given regulation or standard. Before proceeding to this assessment, it is prudent to complete some form of self-assessment to identify any compliance issues and provide confidence certification will be granted. With Castec’s experience in product assessments and legislation we can complete pre-certification assessments and report findings and observations.

Some manufacturers find dealing with approval authorities or technical services daunting or time-consuming. Castec can take on this role for clients and be the conduit to the relevant authorities, including VCA, and test houses. With an extensive network of contacts in this field, we can often expedite your approval application and certainly help you make sense of the technical requirements and planning.

If you feel that we can assist, or you require further information either visit our website or contact me at


Castec Consulting Limited an independent Type Approval, Certification and Compliance consultancy.

We provide specialist services, predominantly in the automotive sector, for companies in the UK and globally seeking assistance in a range of areas including; Vehicle Technology, Roadworthiness and Safety Research, Type Approval and Compliance, and legislative support.


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