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Updated: Mar 8

With the 1st March being the start of meteorological spring and the easing of lockdown restrictions in sight, it feels like a time for new beginnings and the perfect opportunity to remind existing customers of the services that Castec Consulting provides, as well as connecting with new businesses, organisations and potential collaborators.

Over the next couple of weeks, I am going to give an insight into Castec Consulting, introduce myself, detail the services that we provide, and outline how we can help you.

Castec Consulting Limited was founded in 2017 as an independent Vehicle, Transport and Road Safety consultancy. We offer specialist services for businesses, research organisations and policy makers seeking assistance in a range of areas including, Vehicle Technology, Roadworthiness and Safety Research, as well as the management of Type Approval and Compliance programmes and legislative support.

Castec Consulting works in collaboration with expert partners for research organisations and policy makers aiding the development of standards and legislation to support the delivery of major road safety programmes, helping shape the future of the transport sector and paving the way for the introduction of new vehicle technologies.

We have worked successfully on a number of collaborative projects, which have included providing legislative expertise and data analysis support to TRL in the development of the Transport for London Bus Safety Standard. We also supported TRL with the Move_UK project providing detailed analysis of real-world data produced by ADAS systems and offering expertise in the interpretation and summary of ADAS system test methods. Most recently we worked as the Technical Delivery lead as part of a collaboration with AECOM and Apollo Vehicle Safety on a roadworthiness project for a European government authority.

Castec Consulting provides the management of Type Approval and Compliance programmes and has supported a range of customers including Type Approval support for an electric vehicle manufacturer and load security advice for the haulage industry. We also provide reviews and interpretations for the application of complex vehicle legislation.

More detail about the services we provide will be discussed over the next couple of weeks, but if further information is required in the meantime, you can either visit the website or contact me at

Castec Consulting Limited an independent Type Approval, Certification and Compliance consultancy.

We provide specialist services, predominantly in the automotive sector, for companies in the UK and globally seeking assistance in a range of areas including; Vehicle Technology, Roadworthiness and Safety Research, Type Approval and Compliance, and legislative support.

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